I don’t remember any of you hello I think some of you are from the Spiral Knights guild and I know a few of you are frens but I don’t know who lots of you are


Isn’t Infamous related at all but I really liked how this guys redesign turned out and wanted to share.

Look at my pretty art guys


Call now and get a free Cole-mun!

Hi guys! Lately I haven’t been doing so well with money and I’m sadly not old enough to get a job (I’m 15) so I was hoping to maybe rake in some commissions! My family isn’t wealthy and I want to be able to buy my own stuff and lately I’ve been striving to get myself a PS4.

So far all I have is six dollars and would love if you guys could help me spread this around, thanks!

This is me btw

I’m gonna ship it


GoFundMe: http://www.gofundme.com/adgks4

Okay, guys. It seems that my hands are being tied with the private student
loan and no one will be cosigning for me. I’ve opened up a GoFundMe page in hopes of at least getting some amount of money to help with the costs of trying to go to college.

Wanted to share this guy on here too because I kinda really wanna get rid of them.

-You decide name, gender, ect

-you can change the design

-please don’t resell unless you change the design

—-this is a closed species, you aren’t allowed to make one—-




Hi guys! Dorky band kid here to say that I’m in need of money!

Though I’m only 15 and can’t get a job because I’m not able to get one till I’m older.(wellIcangetonenowbutwontgetpayedhahahaha)

So I’ve decided to open up commissions to raise said money.

There are however rules to what you can order to please don’t skip this text part and just drop something in my ask box, ^^”


  • Keep Requests safe-for-work
  • No begging for free stuff please
  • You have to send me a ref of the character(s) (not really a rule it’d just be helpfulhahaha)
  • You can have a maximum of five characters per picture
  • Not really a rule either but you can also order lineless art hahaha
  • If you want me to draw someone else’s oc please ask them for permission first, I’ve been yelled at once for drawing an oc without asking and would rather avoid it .x.

That’s all really .x.

Commissions are to be sent to my Askbox with a References of all characters wanted.

Money can be sent after the commission is done. (I don’t recommend sending it beforehand incase problems arise and I can’t finish it)

Payments are to be sent to this Paypal- zeropanicattack@gmail.com

Edit- I do paintings now btw 

They cost 35+ depending on extra characters which will each be 4$ and complication of the character(s)

Paintings will only be full bodies btw

Reblogging again to update this slightly with more recent art.

 Prices stay the same, sprites like the one above are 1$ each uwu

Isn’t she cute?